My friend is dating a heroin addict

My bf said similar things in the beginning..especially that he knew he couldn't give me what I wanted and would hurt me.. I can say now knowing everything I know I'd still want a relationship with him. Addicts do not have empathy all the time nor will they understand why we are hurting.

I suggest first continue posting and reading on here.

then there's drug dealers, other unsavory characters, and let's not forget the potential for arrest.

if they are a drug addict being WITH them WHILE they use really sends the wrong message.......

one of the dangers is you maybe deciding to give it a try yourself.

my friend is dating a heroin addict-12

They know that hurting me would hurt my son, even though I haven't seen him for years the threat still remains. Hi everyone, this is my first post so you may have to bear with me! One of my best friends of over 10 years has a very long history of depression and self harming, it came to a head last Christmas when she almost died from an overdose.She spent months in hospital before she was deemed well enough to go home.If you are with them when they are arrested for any reason, you will be included and probably arrested too.If they have drugs in your car, you could lose your car, or not be insured if you had an accident while they are with you.

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