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She was picking out scarves, and she asked "Which one do you like? " I never forget it because I got the haircut again. We take some pretty good ones on set that will never be seen, so don't ask. Molly: I have my childhood stuffed animal that lives in Los Angeles that has gone everywhere with me. He's always walking around in a bathrobe like Hugh Hefner. I was wearing a skirt, and I had short hair when I was like seven or eight. The most awkward thing I keep with me is…Molly: Well, I do have a turkey sandwich in my bag, but…Brett: I would say the photos on my phone. The most awkward thing to happen on set has been…Brett: Well, Beau takes his shirt off a lot.Source: via Ifelicious on Pinterest And this is Jenna's enemy, Sadie, played by the hilarious Molly Tarlov. It's not so much while you're shooting it, but before action and after cut, when you're just sitting there. The scene was very traumatic, and I finished and felt really good about it. So I was walking outside and feeling that elation from the good audition, walking down the sidewalk, and I look down, and my fly is wide open, and I have no idea what they saw because my boxers didn't have the button back then in the crotch. the casting director was a little bit older, she was a very seasoned, veteran casting director. JWoww Shares Her Summer Obsessions Real Housewives of New York: Translating the 3 Cattiest Moments of the Night11 Stars We Can't Wait to See On Our Favorite TV Shows P. Source: via Ifelicious on Pinterest's own Caitlin Brody! Brett Davern (aka Jake): Well, we don't want to give anything away. That won't be resolved anytime soon, so fans will have that to look forward to. I think they're constantly having to cut entire scenes because there's just no time, there's just so much. I am, and I think I'm too immature to be Team Jake. Or if they're adjusting a light, and you're an inch from someone's face... First episode, when Sadie's on top of me with her boobs in my face, they're between cuts and I'm just like… I look at the casting director, and they're giggling. And I'm just forgetful sometimes, so I didn't even bring a headshot, or I forgot it. " I went ahead and did the scene, but I didn't get the job. Brett: Mine is actually in a movie theater as well, and it is the most romantic movie of all time, maybe, . So, I tried to put my arm around her, and I did successfully with probably the like yawning move. "Beau: I was at an event, and all the cast of *Desperate Housewives *was there, so Felicity Huffman, her husband is William H. Maybe he was messing with me, and I just didn't know how to react because he was like, "Call me Bill." I would have remembered. Brett: I was like back home in Seattle at the mall doing some Christmas shopping, and the show was airing I guess. It was like first date of firsts—way before I should ever be dating, and you didn't know what to do and yeah, it was awkward, but my heart will go on. Got it up there, and she was way taller, like volleyball size. I was already there, and I didn't want to go back, so then I sat there for that three-hour movie with my arm up in the air, and I literally could not lift my arm up. Macy, and to my girlfriend of the time I was like, "I'm going to go up there and say hi. This girl came up, and she was like "Hey are you in the show ? Beau Mirchoff (aka Matty): I think season two is just everything you loved in season one. Molly Tarlov, Sadie, is, not manical, but all of her colors are in full effect. Beau: Yeah, I think it's honestly better than the first season. Molly: In my case they're cutting them because they're too offensive. But I do have to say that this season I was melted a little bit sometimes by Jake. And she said, "Do you have your headshot and resume? I gave out my last one yesterday." She proceeded to yell at me for 10 minutes about how I'm unprofessional and wouldn't make it and all this stuff. Molly: I have so many that are like, "Ugh, why did I do that?

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Now on to our Obsessed Questionnaire, the Awkward Version! My most awkward date ever was: Molly: I have a good one! My most awkward Hollywood moment has been…Molly: I have a couple of these. Beau: Mine was probably my long curly hair that was down to my shoulders.__Brett:__You mean mullet?

Sadie and Austin first met at the Halloween party in That Girl Strikes Again.

While trying to find a Golden Horseshoe, she stumbled apon Austin, slightly scaring Sadie.

There’s so many people to meet, so many experiences to have post-high school.”He continues, “I think if i’m just speaking as a viewer …

I mean it would be fun to see Jenna and Matty or Jake and Tamara and all these relationships because we love those characters, we’ve grown up with them, but I think in a real world-type setting, you have those experiences in high school and you learn from them, but it’s a big world out there.”However, in the end, Molly and Jake both say that Matty and Jenna could definitely make it work in the long-run, but only if they took a break.

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