Mobile me contacts not updating

i Tunes serves an essential role, that of the hub — one obvious place to go to manage everything that syncs to your i Pod or i Phone.The Mobile Me web site, perhaps, could serve as a hub.The other problem with i Phone 1.0 calendar syncing was the lack of support for multiple calendars.Because you couldn’t create events on non-main calendars from the i Phone, it was really more like from as many other calendars as you wanted.I think on-by-default would be fine, but somehow you should be able to create a calendar in i Cal that doesn’t sync to Mobile Me.But given Apple’s traditional schedule for adding new features of any significance, it seems unlikely that an i Cal update like this would appear before Snow Leopard.With Mobile Me, contact syncing, as with calendars, is all or nothing. Much has been made over the fact that i Tunes long ago outgrew its name, but the role it plays is central to the success of both Apple’s digital media and handheld device businesses.

If you turn on Mobile Me syncing for calendars on your i Phone (Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Your Mobile Me Account), i Tunes no longer offers calendar syncing options when you tether your i Phone. The fundamentals of using Mobile Me for over-the-air i Phone calendar (and contact) syncing have worked nearly flawlessly for me: create an event on my Mac or i Phone, and a few minutes later it appears on the other.

Things like holidays, sports schedules, movie releases — Apple publishes an entire directory of them.

The same goes for calendars published to the Internet from someone else using i Cal.

Solving the biggest problem with i Phone 1.0 calendaring — that syncing only happened when physically tethered to your Mac — requires Mobile Me; more on that in a moment.

The multi-calendar shortcomings, however, were ostensibly addressed, as well.

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