Midlife mid life dating wont commit marriage

Over the years, more than a few single women friends have told me they wonder what’s wrong with them that makes them keep picking lousy men.I’ve tried to comfort them with a concept actually from philosophy of science: How likely you are to pick bad apples depends mostly on the ratio of good to bad apples in the bag you’re picking from, in other words how the dating pool is segmented into good vs. I even wrote this limerick to illustrate the problem.They eventually gave up trying, and now live at least contentedly and in some cases joyously ever after.

In two of them, six months in, my partner suffered a major setback but I stayed as long as she would let me.It’s been so long since they were single it’s unimaginable.Sustained partnership reminds me also of what sailors used to call . A sailor walks into a bar and meets a stranger who plies him with free drinks.They fell madly in love when they were young, romantically obsessed and energetic.They enjoyed a honeymoon period followed perhaps by some rough times during which they tried to change each other.

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