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Regardless of whether he’ll convert to islam, I think the story’s important.

More Americans know about Simon Cowell’s life than they do about the fact that we are about to nationalize healthcare to a very horrible result.

More Americans are influenced–even if subconsciously–by Cowell’s lifestyle and what they hear about it than by that of most other public figures. Simon’s obviously a smart guy, but this will show us how smart he really is.

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At least one good counterjihad blog, the insightful Christopher Logan’s Logan’s Warning, has picked up on it.

I don’t know if the stories about Cowell’s alleged impending conversion are true, as one report says he’s getting married in his mother’s church (which doesn’t mean he won’t convert to Islam, but it’s a clue).

Simon Cowell is the new Winston Churchill -- last night he took his current girlfriend AND his ex-fiancee out to dinner ... The three later emerged from the restaurant without a single scratch.

"They are very suited," Cowell's publicist Max Clifford told the Web site.Speaking about his desire to have children, Cowell said, "I think I need to have little Simons around." Get your "Idol" fix on MTV News' "American Idol" page, where you'll find all the latest news, interviews and opinions.Hollywood Makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy is one of the most respected professionals in her contour of work. Mezhgan Hussainy has added the names of celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Barry Gibb, Carrie Underwood, Simon Cowell e.t.c to her resume during her work in the runaway series American Idol.Makeup Magnate Mezhgan Hussainy has bigger hopes of educating and providing help to achieve the dream of life, happiness, and liberty to the people of her Homeland.Mezhgan Hussainy’s non-profit organization FARAWAY Foundation is dedicated to the women and children of Afghanistan which helps to rebuild schools and hospital in the nation.

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