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This feeling of liberation and love and power and openness pervades my whole life and how I live now, and I can see the effect it has on others too and how they respond to me.

" ""Before meeting Jacqueline we were “fumbling around in the dark”, I couldn’t go the distance and this left my beloved underwhelmed.To say your course is worth every penny is truly an understatement" "The videos were beautifully engaging.You've condensed the essence of being a lover from the male perspective into an easy to follow course and I can only wish I had discovered this course ages ago and saved myself 15 years of trial & error with my wife!Highly qualified and with thousands of hours of experience working directly with individuals and couples, I'm proud to admit I'm a Sex & Relationship Geek - fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual. Retreats & Workshops Combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern scientific and therapeutic knowledge, these events help you learn an approach to love and life that enhances love through sexuality: From therapy on sexual dysfunction and relationship challenges to coaching on spicing up a jaded love life and personal sexual empowerment - Jacqueline and Alain, colleagues and life partners, take an holistic, integrated therapeutic approach to provide quality, effective guidance and support to individuals and couples on all aspects of sex, love and intimacy. Find out more At the end of my last Couples Retreat, one participant, who’d had quite a challenging time of it, declared with a big smile and evident relief that she realised that prior to the retreat she had not been relationship-oriented. In some couples, one declares they are quite happy in the relationship and so their dissatisfied partner must have their own issues to deal with.My passion is to help people cultivate love through their sexuality and use it to create greater connection, well-being and meaning in life. Well, no, I’m afraid that if one person is not happy then there is something wrong with the not with only one of the individuals in it.

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