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Now granted it is usually at opposite ends of the spectrum, but all I can say is that the man did more than I've ever done in my life.-... And just like an addiction I have to read something everyday or I get seriously cranky. Yes friends, Kenchi618 is your new pope, here to lead your congregation of the log, because the pope is pimping!!! He had a cool attitude, his dialogue didn't suck, he had a hell of a backstory, he had his moments of pure win, and he was never placed as seeming more important than the main character himself. ), and he gets a power-up every five chapters (I'm probably exaggerating but you get the point) that each seem like the equivalent of Naruto's Sage Mode which was the only power-up he received for like 50 chapters at one point.

Whenever any white rapper comes out he is always compared to two rappers; Eminem and Vanilla 'fucking' Ice. I started reading this shit in November of 2009 and now I come to this site every damn day. Having achieved the minimum of 400 reviews in a story that routinely praises the awesome of the log (Naruto: Soldiers of Fortune) I have painstakenly achieved the most pimptacular powers of Log Pope the hard way. When the series started Sasuke proved worth to me as a bad-ass anti-hero. Wouldn't common deduction skills point towards him trying to gut Madara like a trout since he was the one that kind of started it?

One entire year later I have a story with 3000 reviews and two more on the cusp of breaking 1000. (I'm not really that awesome, I am just incredibly productive and have extreme flashes of arrogance.)- Whenever most people get asked, "What bloodline from Naruto would you want if you could have it?

" Most people would say Sharingan, or Rinnengan, or Shikotsumyaku (My second choice actually). This stems from my own personal fear, I fear nothing physical, it's more of a theoretical fear; things that I cannot see.

If I want to see that on a computer screen I'll just skip the middleman and look at porn.- Does anyone else think that Shao Kahn and Motaro from Mortal Kombat 3 were the most pain in the ass boss fights in video games? "- Neil Patrick Harris had the best role ever given to any human being on Earth when he had his parts in the Harold and Kumar movies.

Because I still think about that shit all the time. He was paid to be a random name of tall order from the past and ended up looking totally badass in the first movie.

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