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She has led a campaign called "Girl love", promoting girls to end girl-on-girl hate.With this, she created a "Girl Love" rafiki bracelet with the brand ME to WE, and has helped around a thousand of girls to gain education Variety magazine recognized her as one of their 10 Comics to Watch for 2016, and she was honored at the Just For Laughs Film Festival in Montreal.In December 2011, Singh created a second channel called Superwoman Vlogs, where she chronicles her daily activities and includes behind the scenes footage from her videos.She used it as a second channel to upload videos until August 2014, when she began uploading daily vlogs. As of June 2017, "Superwoman Vlogs" has over 2.2 million subscribers and 303 million views.

She made an appearance in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark as herself.On 8 August 2016, Singh released a visual music piece on You Tube, titled "Voices".The piece includes five songs portraying the "voices in her head". The songs included are a mix showing signs of boasting, fear of loneliness, lust, goofiness, and positive views promoting global peace.In September 2017, Singh won her fourth Streamy Award.AFTER rising to fame on Downton Abbey, Lily James is fast becoming a big star in Hollywood.

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