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It is also significantly higher than the scores in East Asia’s speculative boom on 1997 or in the US subprime bubble before the Lehman crisis. Put this together with the downright eerie predictions of ranking figures in Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

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The Bank of International Settlements – the Central Bank of Central Banks – Warns of Chinese Economy Meltdown Our financial problems are global in nature, and markets in China are just as vulnerable to collapse.

This triple whammy has its roots in the response to the first two waves of crisis — the banking collapse and European sovereign-debt crisis — and it is all part of the so-called debt supercycle of the past few decades.

(source) • JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned last year that a “volatile crisis” is coming.

And it is going to create the greatest disaster of our time, if the warnings from the world’s most powerful bankers are any indication.

While the general population is obsessed with the details of the world’s most entertaining and bizarre election in American history, the big banks are gearing up for a deadly serious economic collapse.

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