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He then again returned to the services of the Georgia Railroad, this time as resident engineer, which position he held until 1853.for two years of that period he was also chief engineer of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad.We highly value our relationship with the 100, and we look forward to serving together to reach these goals.”About 100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc. is to provide support and improve the quality of life for African Americans, particularly African American youth in the Atlanta community.

We are proud to honor his memory with the creation of this fund.”Slayton died at the age of 61 on Sept. He joined the 100 Black Men of Atlanta in 1987, and became its chairman and president in April 2008.“We are pleased to work with Aetna in the establishment of the Terrell Slayton fund,” said John T.

He donated land for Grand Park, Atlanta's first large park, and serving as councilman and was also on various boards and committees. He had come south by the 1840's to work on the Georgia Railroad where he started as a laborer. The surroundings are rather attractive, especially the lawn and grove in front. By study and hard work, he made his way and in one year became assistant engineer.

By 1844, he was buying large tracts of Atlanta real estate, mainly in the Third Ward. Grant worked for Augusta, Georgia-based Fannin, Frant and Company, which contracted to build all or parts of the Georgia, the Central, the Macon & Western, the Western & Atlantic and the Atlanta & West Point Railroads. Edgar Thomson as a rod man assisting in surveying where he worked closely then with a man who would become a lifelong friend and business associate, Richard Peters.___________This was sent to me: This same year Grant married Laura L. But the light of the household has left us for a better country, where wars and suffering shall never come. The house is so desolate to me though filled with children and grandchildren, who vie with each other in kindness."----------------------This was sent to me: Col. [1]In 1840, he was given the position of assistant engineer of the Georgia Railroad, under J. His part of engineers located the line between Madison and Atlanta in 1840.

In railroads, he served a a laborer, chief engineer, speculator and executive all over the South. I would like to know how to correct the biography section of his Finda Grave listing so his memory may be accurately preserved.

As part of his speculation, he owned enormous tracts of land in strategic areas. I transcribed cited source material into his Wikipedia listing, and it is as follows: Lemuel Pratt Grant was born at Frankfort, Maine, on August 11, 1817.

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