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Until recently, Samantha Ronson’s public displays of contempt left little room for misinterpretation.

Paparazzi shots of the superstar DJ—who commands top dollar to spin records on the glittering Hollywood-Vegas-Downtown N. C.-Dubai party circuit—tend to linger on her patented scowl.

One person knows one person, and you just always end up in that mix.”To be honest, being with her was more of a headache than anything else. It just meant there were paparazzi pictures documenting it.

And then, when I met her, she was this sweet, cool little girl. ” He hypothesizes it has to do with the fact she’s just signed a deal with a management company — Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment — as Samantha hopes to “expand her interests and brand, via a new album she’s recording and strategic media appearances.” So basically, good old-fashioned publicity! Of course, I must be masculine and I must be violent. “When the rumours started that I hit her or whatever, I called Lindsay up and I was like, ‘You need to dead this rumour now.’ ” So where did the idea of her being “openly gay” come from?

She doesn’t speak ill of Lindsay, but does seem to have issues with how she was portrayed in the press when it comes to their relationship (or the aftermath). Likely it had to with her style and the fact that she and Lindsay were clearly an item.

“The fact that Perez Hilton calls me ‘Saman’ — it’s the most homophobic thing ever,” she spits. I’m pretty feminine at the end of the day.”“Everyone was like, ‘Openly gay DJ Samantha Ronson…’ No! But if she never said to anyone she was “lesbian,” or “bisexual,” it’s often easier for the press at large to refer to her as “gay” than anything else.

“The perpetuation of [the idea that I’m] the man in the relationship! It gets the point across, I suppose, but certainly can offend someone if it isn’t how he or she identifies.

So from now on, it seems we must refer to Samantha as “openly bisexual” in the vein of Jillian Michaels.

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Ronson landed a deal as the self-described “white girl with the acoustic guitar on Roc-a-Fella.”“Damon used to say, ‘You want some of the money or all the money? Although she never stopped writing and performing personal songs for her My Space page, she devoted herself full time to DJ'ing.

Through the worst of it, though, Ronson remained tight-lipped, answering few questions and keeping personal information strictly off limits. So, were you really held “hostage” by that relationship? “It was not a healthy relationship.”Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that the whole album Chasing the Reds is about Ronson’s relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

I asked.“Most people would assume that it’s figurative, that it’s about emotions. The reporter specifically discussed one song with Ronson that appears to be about Lohan.

True Hollywood Story should run out and buy the album for a vivisection of their love match.

Spanning a mashup of disparate genres including garage rock, ‘80s pop, hip-hop, and acoustic lullabies, sounds alternately freewheeling and yearning; one song manages to chronicle the heartache and chaos of a bad romance—with Li Lo?

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