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Because a lot of times, maybe the video doesn't really reveal much at all and so you rely on the person who took it. It's not so much what you're seeing but what you're not seeing. Question: Are a lot of these sightings just people's eyes playing tricks on them or some type of technical glitch?

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But, I kind of have to listen to everyone's opinion and weighing in that they do sometimes make sense not to go out and do cases that are so similar to the ones we've already done, or if we've got something that is more compelling at the moment. If we're talking specifics, for example, there was several cases in Russia, these triangular pyramid objects.

Most the videos that we accept I think would be very hard to pass off as tricks of the eye, because you have them captured on video.

Now how your mind deciphers that and what it thinks it is - now I don't know.

And that's what you see kind of in the situation room is if someone's really enthusiastic about something but it doesn't meet our criteria, sometimes we get a little spirited in the debates.

Shooting the other person down or something like that, and so it's good. But, it doesn't mean it still can't be investigated. How many people are hoping to get an answer for this?

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