Interracial dating in brooklyn

Initially, Demetrius uses Meena to make an ex-girlfriend jealous but soon develops feelings for her.

While Demetrius introduces Meena to his family, who finds her exotic and are surprised she grew up in Uganda, Meena romances Demetrius secretly.

After he tries to intervene, tragedy follows, one that threatens to tear Tony and Maria apart. “West Side Story” won 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

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Other biopics that feature interracial romance include “Mr. Loving,” “Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story” "Malcolm X" and "The Great White Hope.” More » Its provocative title hints that director Spike Lee aimed to court controversy in this film about a married Harlem architect named Flipper (Wesley Snipes) who meets Angie, an Italian-American secretary (Anabella Sciorra), at work and has an affair with her.

Already married to a very fair-skinned black woman (Lonette Mc Kee), Flipper may be drawn to Angie because he, a very dark man, has issues with skin color, otherwise known as a “color complex.” Throughout the film, Flipper’s loved ones question his motives for romancing Angie, leading him to as well.

But Angie believes she has no ulterior motives for her affair with Flipper.

But when the two go on a getaway and are spotted by friends of Meena’s family, conflict ensues.

Meena must right things with Demertrius, and her family must deal with the hurt they felt after being cast out of Uganda.

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