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However, the Mg-24 produced in this reaction is the only magnesium left in the core when the carbon-burning process ends, as Mg-23 is radioactive.The last reaction is also very unlikely since it involves three reaction products, as well as being endothermic — think of the reaction proceeding in reverse, it would require the three products all to converge at the same time, which is less likely than two-body interactions.Since they move at virtually the speed of light and interact very weakly with matter, these neutrino particles usually escape the star without interacting, carrying away their mass-energy.This energy loss is comparable to the energy output from the carbon fusion.

The third reaction is strongly endothermic, as indicated by the large negative energy indicating that energy is absorbed rather than emitted.Up to the helium burning stage the neutrino losses are negligible.But from the carbon burning stage onwards, the reduction in stellar lifetime due to energy lost in the form of neutrinos roughly matches the increased energy production due to fuel change and core contraction.More massive stars burn their nuclear fuel more quickly, since they have to offset greater gravitational forces to stay in (approximate) hydrostatic equilibrium.That generally means higher temperatures, although lower densities, than for less massive stars.

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