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Honeywell had annual revenue of .5 billion in 2017 and has more than 131,000 employees worldwide, with approximately 58,000 of those being in the US. Answer 3: Honeywell was founded by Mark Honeywell in 1906.Today, Honeywell produces many consumer and commercial products and also provides engineering and aerospace services. Question 1: What is the phone number for Honeywell? Tagged as: honeywell complaint desk, honeywell corporate address, honeywell corporate headquarters, honeywell corporate office, honeywell corporate office address, honeywell corporate office email, honeywell corporate office fax, honeywell corporate office phone number, honeywell customer complaints, honeywell headquarters, honeywell main office I bought a 9000 thermostat it say the indoor heat is 76 but the point of set which what they call it 73 and it is so cold I need the fan OFF not running at all but no one thought that this was needed the technician / designer was so very stupid, heating and air con. through the ducks there is no need for a second fan to blow all the time some of the time or on auto which mixes heat and cold air making the house cold DUH!I do not know is it my Resume or what I really don’t understand. My services are free to each client; the company the client chooses, pays for my efforts on your behalf.

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This especially becomes a major problem in the summer when the electricity demand increases.

The new 475,000-square-foot building on 40 plus acres features state-of-the-art technology, as well as greater energy efficiency than Honeywell’s old Morristown headquarters, which was underutilized, outdated and costly, according to then CEO Dave Cote.

The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: HON.

Therefore, we would like to know if we could visit your facility if we pass both examinations. Brenda Bogard Reply I would like to address this to Mr.

Our main interest is how the building and home energy management is done, what kind of technologies are neede and how it is related to the smart grid industry Sincerely, Yoonhyuk Rah Reply I worked for Honeywell from Dec, 1978 til June of 1984 in Rockford, il. Fradin to make sure he is aware of some significant customer service issues in my area.

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