Holly miranda dating kate moennig

The film is directed by Seattle-based SJ Chiro, who grew up on two communes in the ‘70s.

Growing up in a radical context has inspired this film, which is her first feature film after a decade of making short films.

During a second stint at Williamstown, she appeared in a production of Shakespeare's "As You like It." She made her television debut as the elusive Jake Pratt in "Young Americans," a girl masquerading as a boy at the all-male Rawley Academy.

Katherine won a central role in a music video for the Canadian band "Our Lady Peace" just prior to landing her first television series with "Young Americans." She also auditioned for "Boys Don't Cry" (1999).

"Katherine Moennig was the actress I immediately thought of to play Hallelujah,” says Chiro.

“Working with her has been one of the great joys of my career.

In her leisure time, the young actress enjoys sleeping late, spending time with friends and walking around New York City.

Katherine Moennig preferred climbing trees and skateboarding to playing with tea sets as a tomboy growing up in Philadelphia, PA.

The Advocate January 31, 2006 issue asked Jennifer, "Do people still assume that you have to be a lesbian to play one on TV? Love doesn't have a sex, so why must people be labeled as something that they don't classiy themselves as? In 2007 there was an L Word workshop held in the FACT cinema in Liverpool presented by L Word director Rose Troche for the Liverpool Homotopia gay festival. "im not a lesbian", you don't just refuse to "talk" about it!

Former flame: the 27-year-old star recently ended her near two year marriage with British actor Jamie Bell in May, as the two were pictured together at an event in Los Angeles in November of last year The two stars were linked together as early as 2005 - when they co-starred in a Green Day music video - before getting back together in 2011 and getting married the next year.

They have a son together who was born in July 2013.

Yes Katherine Moennig is and has been dating a girl from Texas.

She's Spanish Irish mixed and her name is Emerald Alva it was actor Chris Mulkey that played Leonard Murphy on (episode 1-2003)of the show CSI Miami introduced Katherine Moennig who played Mary Landis on (episode 1-2008)of the show CSI Miami to Emerald Alva of LGBT Rights Around The World and LGBT entertainment.

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