Halo dating 101 lesson2

Now, seeing that the Teen Titans fandom is filled with kids who can't even do even one of those things, I figure I help these kids reach up to their potential. I had WAY better spelling and grammar skills when I was 10 compared to the other 10-year-olds on here! I have only written about 3 or 4 within 2 years, but those were only because I was in a bit of a bad mood... It's because it deserves its own section, and it deserves to be the very first. But to expand on this topic, I believe that even the newest members of fanfiction have the potential to spell at least most things correctly, use proper grammar (all right, face it, if you didn't pass English then you shouldn't be writing stories), at least try to get the characters right (don't worry, even the best get it wrong sometimes), respect all the main characters, as opposed to bashing them, and to come up with a decent idea, cliched or not.I'm satirizing the fact that a certian plot is way overused. Lesson 4: The OC does not always have to develop a secret relationship, or any relationship, for that matter, with one of the Titans. Lesson 5: If a canon character can fill the role of the proposed OC, use the canon character.

" Ok, that's just what's happened in a lot of the BBRae fics that I've read. I'll still like you as long as you are respective to my couple tastes! This is a parody of all those fics about how Robin cheats on Starfire, so she fulfills her lifelong dream of becoming a pop star. Lesson 11: An OC shouldn't be related to another canon character under most circumstances. Raven or Raven/Machior, depending on how you look at it Cyborg/Raven (yes, you can actually make a Cy Rae video) Terra Cyborg/Raven: I could come up with so many reasons why I love this couple. If you're complaining about how Robin and Starfire haven't developed much throughout the series, well, you can blame the Terra Arc, the Cyborg season, the Raven season, and the Bo E season. Beast Boy/Terra: And here come the Terra bashers with their BBRae 4eva picket signs. I really could give a rat's behind if she betrayed the Titans.And if they must be related, don't make them prettier, smarter, or just downright better than the canon character they are related to. v=Zf WUp8f8WDA The World I Know by Collective Soul. I bet everyone (immature) reading this is going, "EWWWWWWW DAT IZ ZO GRSSSSS! I know she did, but I also know that she redeemed herself.Get a beta or download the word processors has to offer. If you want to argue, you have my permission to email me. Unless people come up with more than I could think of, then I'm confident that I'll win. Terra-bashers love the line, "My name is Terra, I have done horrible things, and I have absolutely no regrets." But little do they know that once you actually take the episode and break it into pieces, you'll see that she DID have regrets. I must admit, anytime they decide to bring the HIVE back into the comics or whatever, it's always focused on Gizmo and Mammoth, who people don't really even like, rather than Kyd Wykkyd, Billy Numerous (who I think is just funny even if he is annoying), and See-More. Robin/Raven: Ok, this transferred back to this side. They the same age, plus they can depend on each other in that sort of unique way.FF Lesson 3: Yes, this is fanfiction, which means that you can use your imagination to put your favorite characters in your plot and situation, but that doesn't entitle you to destroy the personalities that the creators of those characters have given them. FF Lesson 4: If you need to resort to petty insults and swearing to defend your work, you shouldn't be posting anything. I can't count the times I try to give an honest critique and get jumped all over for various things. FF Lesson 5: You should not beg people for reviews, or threaten not to update your story if you don't get enough. So, message me if you think otherwise and want to debate. I'll mostly write about Teen Titans, because that's my favorite cartoon. I also like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, King of the Hill, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Invader Zim (Gir is the best! As my love for Rob Star increased, by love for Rob Rae decreased. I like how they're similar yet they still have their differences, but does that really make for a romantic relationship?

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