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Most Colombians go out partying in groups mixed with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and family.

It's not unusual to see girls out partying with their sisters, cousins, aunts and moms.

Every Colombian city features a Zona Rosa, or main nightlife district, where you'll find the highest density of bars, discotecas (clubs), and restaurants. Medellin Colombia nightlife is pretty quiet Sunday through Wednesday, unless you know the right places to go to (ask the locals).

Otherwise, Wednesday and Thursdays offer ladies night at certain discotecas, which can help bring out the locals.

And these are a little strong in that way where they taste sweet and minty and then afterwords you think, “why is my tongue numb? Also, the cashier ringing up my bottle of crème de menthe didn’t card me. While these are, technically, shots, they’re best eaten with a spoon.

This can be a little confusing if you're not already familiar with Latin music, however the variety is appreciated by most Colombians (versus going to an all-reggaeton or all-salsa club).

Patrick’s Day pot luck today at work and my co-workers are bringing corned beef or cabbage or soda bread. Patrick’s Day pudding shots: bright-green mint-flavored alcoholic pudding shots made with crème de menthe, vanilla vodka, vanilla pudding, and cool whip and frozen so they’re just like those creamy green Shamrock Shakes we all love this time of year. But, trust me, it’s preferable to my alternate idea of literally bringing a bottle of vodka because I don’t want to cook anything and because I have no clean dishes in my apartment because I hate doing dishes and couldn’t do dishes all weekend anyways because of a broken pipe in the apartment below mine.

I suppose I shouldn’t bring something made with hard liquor to something that starts at noon and ends well before the end of the work day. I’ve found that mini plastic spoons are the perfect scale, but regular spoons will do as well.

Closing times vary by location, however most regular bars close by 2 AM, while discotecas stay open until 4 AM, with some late, late night venues in big cities staying open until dawn.

Dress codes apply to a very small minority of high-end clubs in the big cities.

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