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The first step was to acquire a post-secondary degree in music therapy.One such method to achieve this is to get a bachelor degree in music therapy (BMT).This program is offered as Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, and at Concordia University in Quebec.The MMT program is open to applicants with a BMT degree, or a degree in a related field such as music performance or psychology.Regardless of which degree is acquired, the next main step is to complete a 1000 hour unpaid clinical internship.

This is the path I took to begin my training, and I received my degree from WLU in June 2014.Applicants can either seek out facilities through their own research, or can apply for facilities listed on the CAMT Internship Registry.These facilities include schools, long term care facilities, hospitals, and private practices.All applicants need to draft an internship proposal outlining their intent, and why the facility they chose is an appropriate choice for them.Upon successful approval, an intern will then work towards completing their 1000 clinical hours.

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