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You cannot access any profiles until you pay some money - you just get blurred pics.Do not give them your credit card details - they will automatically charge you the full amount.

They sent me matches that are clearly outside my criteria (smokers, hundreds of kilometres away, totally opposite personalities), and their phone app is just a piece of rubbish. They also after dispute, keep promting your profile even when you cancelled it!!! Cost huge: advice cancel contract after entering it, then they have to come back to you- rather than they SKIM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ILLEGALLY Firstly, nothing Elite about this site.

They will tell you that you are not entitled to a refund because you have used the site, but this is not legally binding.

The tech support does not exist by the way - it is a clunky, very mickey mouse site. It never provided me with a single match, and most of the time the site was broken.

When you click from one suggestion to the next, you get a different photo, but the same name and information as the last person. Lots of men who looked more like my father, definitely not a match.

They need to spend money on fixing their site rather than on more false advertising. Have requested a full refund on the basis of false advertising and let's hope I get it. Paid for a dating website hopefully offering more matches in common with me (educated, successful late 30’s girl). Then most people on there aren't active users as they are sensible enough not to pay over the 0 for a months membership as they probably already found the same, no sane person joins this site.

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