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After pouring himself a beer, Jools took the pitcher and put it in my fridge.Paul looked around from his vantage point and said, “You got the old Harper place looking pretty good.” I said, “Thanks.I spread the charcoal out and went back in to find Jools on her phone. I have been helping him unpack some of his boxes, then Chloe stopped by and we spent time in the pool while Jon dealt with the Cable guy and did his business stuff on his computer.” “He’s making us burgers on the grill now; I’m not sure what we’re doing later.” I signaled her to tell him ‘hold on a second’ so we could talk. ” Yeah, he just got home from work and called me to see what was goin’ on.” “Here, let me talk to him for a second.” Jools handed me her cell phone with a look of consternation in her eyes, I did my best to reassure her it would be OK. ” “I don’t have any beer, but I’ve got all kinds of soft drinks to offer you.” “Mind if I bring a pitcher of beer from the graduation party keg with me?” “Not at all, I’m really not much of a drinker which is why I don’t have anything on hand, but you’re welcome to bring yours if you’d prefer that over soda.” We talked a minute longer and he said he’d be right over. ” “It will be fine, it will seem a lot more suspicious if I don’t interact with him a bit – how long do you think you can hang out here like this without him wanting to get to me a little better?That also made it safe for the other drivers on the roads as well.The statistics say they (the retirees) are among the safest drivers – they may not get many tickets or be in as many accidents, but I have a feeling they a lot of them down here. I left the girls to work in the kitchen while I got my grill from the garage and pulled it out to the pool cage.I invited Paul in, we shook hands the headed out to the kitchen.

Jools blushed and I said, “That’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

Actually it was well past ‘lunch time’, I’m sure most of the small restaurants in the area were serving from their ‘early-bird’ menus, a popular feature for the average lower middle class retirees in the area.

Slightly smaller portions, discounted prices and before the typical evening dinner crowds ate, meaning the early-birds could go to dinner and home again afterwards without driving in the dark.

Chloe was cutting up a whole pickle making ‘hamburger chips’ and had already chopped up some onions and got out the rest of the condiments.

As we worked, I said, “OK, it’s driving me nuts – how long ago did you come up with the idea for what we just did?

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