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The most popular Vocaloid is Crypton Future Media’s Miku Hatsune, who sports green pigtails and wields a leek baton.

Hatsune debuted in summer 2007, and technologically savvy otaku quickly fell in love with her imperfect tone, which is said to resemble the “non-ability” that contributes to idols’ popularity. Fans started making music videos of Hatsune and posting them on Nico Nico Douga, including such innovations as her singing Finnish polka.

Her image onscreen and recorded voice constitutes a “live” performance worth an ¥8,500 ticket.

Sure enough, mainstream bands are beginning to learn from the success of their virtual counterparts.

As in William Gibson’s sci-fi description of idoru, these stars are quite literally produced.

She began to appear in fan-produced CDs, manga, cosplay outfits and, finally, licensed character merchandise.

Such is Hatsune’s popularity that she was a headliner at the anime industry’s Animelo Summer Live concert this year.

The user inputs lyrics and pitches, and the program synthesizes them into something like singing.

The “voice” differs depending on which character is warbling the pitches.

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