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It you paid to take one back to your room its going to cost you a minimum of P5000/6000 for sex with her , one shot only , plus a tip , possibly in vicinity of P1000 , and for sure she goes home early , say 2am she will do a runner , go home , regardless of your protests.The aforementioned does not apply if your Brad Pitt : ) For me , its a perv only place.Update : Read forum for latest info on Angeles Go Go scene , it is changing.However , for those who want to read about Manila Go Go Bar scene , here it is : . Firstly Makati, which had a reasonably good reputation years ago for the prettiest girls. Because Makati itself is an expensive area and the prices at P. Burgos and have an objective look at the girls there , then on same night , head back to EDSA , and see where you think the value is …In such cases , the bar management will support the girl , so its best just to cop it on the chin , if this happens.Better to pay less for ‘short time’ (one shag) so you can road test her , before commiting to all night.

In the higher priced places , just because your buying a lot of LD’s (Ladies Drinks) doesnt guarantee the girl will go with you.And La Cafe Ermita Manila (see below) and Angeles City bar scenes have been growing in popularity. Female street walkers are a bit scarce at the moment (Police actions). First , in a left to right rotation , you will come across Casino , then further down , Samba , Boadroom , Cotton Club , then Bullets and Arrows (formerly My Fair Lady).Price is king you are the boss you have all the money when it comes to paying for sex. Some guys like places where prices are high and service/girls/sex are crap , thats why : ) The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. As I say , one beer to check a joint out , will not break the bank : ) If it’s gogo and Manila , EDSA is not so expensive and is more convenient to reco’d Ermita area (La Cafe/Accommodation). Exiting B&A on the far side , you can go upstairs to : 2.They know a newbie when they see one , and are tempted to exploit his inexperience and bluff him into exhorbitant prices. This area had the reputation of the best looking girls , but with increased popularity , management increased the prices continually until it has become a shadow of its former self. Ask girl of choice which she prefers , check price beforehand , otherwise she might be trying to get a hefty commission from Short time Sex Hotel. Burgos St area : See “Manila Hotels/Restaurants” section for info on Oxford Suites , Century Citadel Hotel and other monger friendly places to stay and screw these Go Go Bar girls. Curiosity requires it : ) UPDATE : EDSA seems to be gaining slightly in popularity as P. Go to Angeles City for much better value (see below). No way Jose : ) So, if your in your 30’s or 40’s I would not pay any of the aforementioned prices and find a Freelancer (La Cafe or Havana , info below) who should be around P1500/2000 all night , no ladies drinks , no bar fines , no nuttin , P1500 all up , P2000 tops.The best looking girls tag is possibly stretching things nowadays. Angeles City , 1.5hrs away , has much more choice and costs significantly less (see separate page for Angeles). Ask girl if its ok to swap phone numbers in the open/public view (inside bar) beforehand and meet before work for a healthy sex session at a huge discounted rate. See ST sex Hotel info for Ermita area down below for a guide on prices. Apparently operate out of Cafe Cubana in Bellagio Hotel , Burgos St. SEX with – Escorts – MANILA Location of EDSA : Corner of Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue, otherwise referred to (thankfully) as EDSA , and F. Burgos/Makati (see above notes) slips in popularity. If you have low self esteem , or you do not appeal to girls , pay more : ) And dont forget , there is much better Go Go Bar value in nearby Angeles City (1.5hrs by road) , much better.

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