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So it gets us an opportunity to still get a good player possibly, but more importantly, continue to build.

So to move down 20 spots, the Eagles added a 2019 draft pick and moved up seven spots in the fourth round. “Where this draft is strong, it continues to be strong until tomorrow.

At pass rusher, Boston College defensive end Harold Landry remains on the board.

If the Eagles wanted to address safety, they could target Stanford’s Justin Reid or Alabama’s Ronnie Harrison.

This is the first time the Eagles didn’t pick in the first round since 2008, when they traded out of the No.

19 pick to acquire a second-round pick, fourth-round pick, and future first-round pick. “The strengths that we felt like were there before were the reasons we made this trade back,” Roseman said.

“We felt like the value was right for us, where we are as a football team, where the value was in this draft, there are a bunch of a players that we still like that we’re optimistic and excited to get tomorrow,” said Howie Roseman, the Eagles’ executive vice president of football operations.

There were other offers, but the Eagles coveted the 2019 draft pick in the trade.

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