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By now, John had paid out HK,000 in less than 48 hours after first encountering Cheng.The next morning he received a phone call from Cheng asking him to chat with her on Skype.

Victims of the North Hills syndicate are said to include an Asian pop star and a Hong Kong tycoon’s son, who paid HKmil to stop his video being circulated, according to sources familiar with the investigation and inter­viewed by Post Magazine.He e-mailed his Western Union receipt to Cheng, who acknowledged it.Rather than delete the video, however, she left it on You Tube.Last year saw another 697 victims – and those are just the ones who plucked up the courage to report their cases to the police.Seemingly, all sextortion requires on the part of the perpe­trator is an internet connection, moderate competency in English and a malicious disposition.

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