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(Hi, Patrick Stewart.) episode where Homer grows a full head of hair and instantly gets a promotion.I talked to friends and my then-girlfriend (eventual wife) about whether I should figure out how to get it back.‘It’s fine,’ I say, ignoring the growing scalp chasm as best I can. ” “I’m 32 and I still have a head full of thick hair with minor hairline recession. If I can keep my hair until 35, I won’t care about anything else that happens to it after that.I don’t have negative feelings about baldness, not that I know of, anyway. But the second I do go bald, I’m taking a straight razor to my scalp and owning my baldness.I find many bald men attractive — Corey Stoll, anyone? The only thing worse than going bald is pretending that you're not.” “I knew it was going to happen, of course; my dad was balding in his 30s, and for all I know it might have been sooner than that, since I was born the year he turned 26 and I had more immediate concerns than hereditary baldness.— and have dated many; the confidence of baldness is sexy as fuck. As it turns out, it was indeed hereditary: I don’t know if I got it worse than the others because I was the firstborn, but I did get it, and quickly.But you'd be wrong to think there aren't a whole lot of suggestions for what to do with that thinning mop.Here's a [closer look] at our pollsters' words of wisdom: A few women came out swinging on this one; a full 10% of pollsters suggested a courtesy trim to just keep everything even and kempt so you don't join ranks with Doc Brown. Almost 50% of the women in our study say a buzz is the way to go -- and of those, most responses included a first attempt at trimming even doing nothing.

The American Hair Loss Association recognizes that hair loss in women is a serious life-altering condition that can no longer be ignored. A couple people gave me practical tips, but most said it didn’t matter and so I just let it go. In reality, I think it helps professionally because I look a bit older. The only downside now is having to worry about the sunburn.” “I come from a family of bald men, and my joke has been that I want to keep my hair until I’m 30. I also said that I’d rather shave my head completely than keep noticeably thinning hair.Once at a meeting when I was 23 or 24, the client was making fun of a team member for being so young. I'm not quite ready for that change, and thankfully I haven't reached that point.Over time, I was able to restore my hair, but it took education and lifestyle changes.I have changed my entire career to help others with hair loss — I am the California division leader for National Hair Loss, working directly with patients, doing consultations, and overseeing them on our hair recovery program.” “I first learned about my bald spot when I started dating my boyfriend, Ian.

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