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Stephanie was the first to be killed in the library.She was shown hiding amongst the bookshelves and when Tate pushes books off the shelf, she screams and reveals her location.Stephanie admits to Tate on the beach that she was actually agnostic or atheist, and had lied in the moment and said "Yes." During the flashback of the shooting, this event appears to have not actually occurred.Tate appears to not speak to anyone before killing them.The "Victims of the Westfield High Massacre'" website states that she was on the Varsity Squad.Notes Stephanie Boggs claims that during the shooting Tate asked her whether or not she believed in God.It also received a Critics’ Choice Award nomination in the Best Comedy Actress race for star Rickards (2012) and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy (2013), plus consecutive nominations in the same category in 20.Of the recent finale, Zap2it says it “ended with a bang.

The tricky material packed an emotional punch with a few one-liners which both Mirchoff and Rickards handled in award-worthy fashion.He was on the computers in the library during the initial gunshots. While on the phone trying to call for help, Tate shot him in the mouth/jaw. Kevin tells Tate that Amir could have accomplished great things with his life if he had lived.The "Victims of Westfield High Massacre Website" states that he was the Editor of the 1993 Westfield High Yearbook.Tate shot her in the head, exposing her skull and brains.Notes Kevin Gedmam is dressed as a punk rocker and is wearing a black leather jacket.

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