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However, hot-bloods are far from spoiled, often pushing themselves so hard as to sustain injuries.

Of course today they are often used as race horses.

Their European origins led to a need for thick, warm coats, often with voluminous feathering around the hooves.

Other characteristics include a short back and high shoulders.

Asking a human pony’s breed is a lot like asking a person’s sign.

A horse’s breed often reveals its temperament, strengths, and weaknesses.

Arabians are considered tough, yet elegant animals with a rich mythological history surrounding their progenitors, the mare Bas and the stallion Hoshaba. Classic American Shetland (warmblood) The American Shetland is arguably the most popular pony in America, coming from Scottish stock.

Cold-bloods, also known as draft horses in the United States or draught or dray horses in the United Kingdom, have high endurance and very sweet dispositions. These large, powerfully built creatures were originally bred for hauling heavy loads and carrying armored knights, hence their large size.Hot-bloods were first bred in Arabia for speed and possess sleek, gracile bodies.They also have a fiery, sensitive temperament, which can make them difficult to work with.If a breed strikes a chord, look up as much information as you can about it. Just stick to your search until you find that one breed of horse that clicks.Andalusian (warmblood) The Andalusian is also known as the Purebred Spanish Horse or, in Spanish, Pura Raza Española, sometimes abbreviated as PRE.

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