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Kajari melons have a long shelf life especially if refrigerated. Yellow skin lined with silvery furrows, so thin it can be peeled like an apple.The delicious flavor, good production, short growing season, and long shelf life, give Kajari's an excellent potential as a market melon. A small delicious gourmet Asian melon rarely found in markets. Sun Net is a new hybrid melon developed by a leading seed company at Xin Jing, a well known high quality melon production region in Western China.The fruits average between 2-3 lbs and start maturing in 70-80 days, making it a good choice for growers with short seasons.The orange stripes appear as the melons ripen and the fruit will slip from the stem when fully ripe. Any unripe melons can be picked after the first frost and they will continue to ripen in storage.The sweet orange flesh is very juicy and has a muskmelon flavor. This truly magnificent Italian netted melon is sweet, prolific, and a vigorous grower.

The plants are very vigorous and fruits reach maturity in 90-95 days after sowing. High quality melons are good for long distance shipping and marketing.This Tuscan type melon is defined by its dark green sutures, medium net, deep orange flesh and tight cavity. Goddess is a one of a kind melon that produces 4-6 lb. This melon allow growers to get a jump on the competition, because it outperforms all other early melon varieties.With a brix around 14% providing sweet, outstanding flavor, Tasty Sherbet F1 is an excellent melon. Its oval shaped fruit has slight suturing and medium coarse netting.Melons are high brix, plants produce high yields and large, uniform fruits that ship well. A wonderful desert melon with a heavenly fragrance, it is so beautiful it can even be use for decoration!Tigger melons smooth rind has vertical variegations of rust orange and yellow.

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