Dropbox not updating all files

I use this for Transferring all of my photos from my phone to my computer and it works great with the auto camera uploads, I can access my files (including my professors lectures) wherever I need them but if you want more than those basic functions and easy access to your files, then Dropbox doesn't have much more to offer you, but for my purposes it works great!You can drag files from Explorer into Dropbox (awesome), but not from Dropbox into Explorer (not good).I only wish I could have more storage than what is offered without having to pay.If you have a Windows computer, downloading files off Dropbox is easy if you have the Dropbox program installed.But Office apps on phone and tablets is manageable by Microsoft Intune to prevent copy, cut, paste, and save-as abilities, which helps to prevent corporate data from being saved or copied to unauthorized apps or services.Dropbox looks to be down for many of its users, prompting many to question if Amazon Web Services is wobbling again.

You can securely access files and folders any time from our desktop, web, and mobile apps, or through third-party apps connected to your account.If this were an option, I'd give it five stars, even without the sync option. Until that day, I will go back to the 'old' app.I've used this app a few years, but lately it won't accept uploaded photos, renames them and says they are already in the folder. I love to have the ability to store small documents on the web and share them with my friend, I will definitely use drop box as my cloud service in the event of needing extra space, I am starting to get to know this service and other, but I am a late learner and will take a little more time for me to get completely confident.Additionally, Dropbox completed SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits, receiving ISO 27001 certification, and other security and compliance certifications.The Dropbox support in the Office apps themselves isn't configurable.

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