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Comedy-based sexual activity is implied, and other sexually related humor is present, including that related to a very pregnant teen.Comedy-based violence includes people being killed by various means, while slapstick style material is also present, including people striking others with various objects.Will (MATT LANTER) has bigger issues than being commitment phobic when it comes to his girlfriend, Amy (VANESSA MINNILLO), for he's been having nightmares featuring a saber-tooth version of Amy Winehouse (NICOLE PARKER) who warns him that the end of the world is coming.He thinks that's prophetic when meteorites start raining from the sky while attending a party thrown by his friend Calvin (GARY JOHNSON) and his girlfriend Lisa (KIM KARDASHIAN) that's attended by others, including a snarky pregnant teen, Juney (CRISTA FLANAGAN).The ladies strip, and while we don't see anything, the other three react in amazement at the view of Lisa's nude body.Calvin and the fairytale Prince get into a street dance off, doing exaggerated moves.

Here's a brief summary of the content found in this comedy that's been rated PG-13.After flying up and hitting his head on a lamp post, he says he needs a drink, but falls unconscious (from that contact) before he has any.Calvin tells Lisa's mom on the phone that he's met the Enchanted Princess and that she's willing to do anything and everything he wants.With Amy having previously broken up with him, Will sets out to rescue her, all while he and a handful of others, including a fairy tale Enchanted Princess (NICOLE PARKER) and her Prince (TAD HILGENBRINK) who've shown up from a manhole in the street, must deal with all sorts of disasters in this parody spoof of popular movies and celebrities.With nothing meant to be taken seriously on any level, little resembling reality, and the characters coming off as nothing more than thinly drawn sketch creations, it's unlikely any kids would view any of them as role models of any kind.

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