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) BUT I MEAN NOW AFTER THIS LAST MONTH AND HALF OF QUALS AND TOURNEYS WERE NNOW ALL IN AGREEMENT THAT THE PAST FEW YEARS OF, "My-shit-don't-stink-attitude," isn't going to work anymore b/c as a lot of talent has already stated, the event orgs dont need to beg on hands and knees anymore b/c the teams literally HAVE to try to attend if they want any sniff of a TI8 direct invite.

I personally think the attitude our boys have had is going to bite them in some of these tourneys and the very 1st one thats so dam clear is Dotapit that just finished.

Potential business relationships might include contracting for research and development, becoming part of a larger supply chain, and pursuing investment or acquisition strategies. Attendance is limited to participating companies on either side of the table.

“Last year’s Tech Summit proved to be productive for many of the major companies that took part,” said Vivek Bhatt of GE Healthcare, the co-chairman of this year’s event.

They are: American Family Insurance, Aurora Health Care, Blood Center of Wisconsin, Dedicated Computing, Direct Supply, Faith Technologies, GE Healthcare, HP Enterprise Services, Intel, Johnson Controls Inc., Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer Information Systems, Marshfield Clinic, Rockwell Automation and TASC (Total Administrative Services Corp). They will engage in a series of 15-minute meetings with emerging companies from across the state which apply for the chance to pitch their products, services and ideas.

And one last, IMPORTANT point: I dont care how early it is b/c the scene is only going to get tougher and tougher but when TI8 rolls around, EG will most likely be going in through the quals, which means that a Dota2 International 8 could possibly be held without Evil Geniuses in attendance.“It’s a way to enhance greater connections in Wisconsin and our region.There are benefits to entrepreneurs and major companies alike.” At the inaugural Tech Summit in 2014, about 55 emerging companies engaged in nearly 200 speed-dating meetings.More than half feel they are spending too much time on payments processing, the majority want to move away from cash and cheques and almost all support the continued evolution of the payments industry.Still, almost 800 million cheques were written in Canada in 2016, and small businesses are one of the heaviest users. Join this panel to understand the payment woes of the SME, what holds them back from adopting new payment methods and how the SME can capitalize on payment system modernization in Canada.

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