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May to July are the optimum months for hiking - cooler and drier, and June to September, evenings on the southern islands can even be brisk.

The southeast trade winds blow steadily year-round, though they're stronger and more reliable April to October.

The glamorous duty-free shops, casinos, hotels, resorts, and gourmet restaurants of the cosmopolitan capital, Port Vila on Efate Island, contrast sharply with unchanging, traditional villages just over the horizon.

The pigs are highly valued by their owners, and the meat and tusks are prized at initiation rites and feasts.

Its islands are pushed laterally 10 centimeters a year in a northwest direction, accompanied by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In the past three million years Vanuatu has also been uplifted 700 meters, or approximately two millimeters a year.

During the wet season, winds from the north or west occur under the influence of hurricanes and tropical lows.

Vanuatu is the most hurricane-prone country in the South Pacific.

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