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Although Dey was new to acting, she was amazing in the role she played.It was the start of her acting career that Dey became a pretty famous personality, playing the role of dreamboat David Cassidy’s on-screen sister.In her new memoir, Shirley Jones takes readers behind the scenes of the wholesome series, revealing endearing—and shocking—details about the show’s four-year run.“I was sad to see the show end.If it hadn’t been canceled, I would have been happy to carry on playing Shirley Partridge for another four years,” Jones, 79, writes in the book.She was even nominated for an Emmy in 1987, 1988 and, 1989, but didn’t receive the award. However, she was later replaced, as the directors felt that the two actors did not show enough chemistry.The successful actress married Leonard Hirshan in 1976, and the couple even welcomed a daughter two years later.She's the New Zealand songstress who is currently in Australia wowing fans on her Melodrama tour.

Her character was loved so much, that Owen was made judge in the later seasons.

Susan Dey is most known for her iconic role in the sitcom, where she played the second oldest child, Laurie Partridge.

Laurie was the perfect teen with all her little adventures, and people just loved how she held it together while the rest of the kids went berserk.

Although it wasn’t considered a problem for David Cassidy to bag roles in the future, fans were wondering what the rest of the cast had in store.

But it’s pretty safe to say, Susan Dey was probably the most successful Partridge member after the show.

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