Pumutok na sya twice, si Derige once, Manalang and Maloles once.Kung magkasasbay-sabay lang sila pumutok, UE can be an offensive juggernaut.Pero lumalaban pa din sila sa mga teams na may import at puro veterans. Please, as an alumni it is our duty to support our Alma Mater. In 2015, Awana was being groomed to be the replacement for Charles Mammie having completed his one year residency for UE.Let us just appreciate what these young guns are doing!!! I am neither an apologist nor a defender of Coach Pumaren but I am very please with what he has done and has brought to the table in spite of the limited resources and the all-Filipino policy of the UE BOD. Just give the players the support they rightly deserve and badly need. But a month before the opening of Season 78 news broke out that UE will be fielding in an All-Filipino line-up, citing attitude problems for the departure of Bertrand Awana from the UE Camp.According to director Roque, UP's import Ibrahim Ouattara did not contribute to UP's win against UST. Ganda ng resulta ng DLSU game natin, nagkaroon ng morale ang team na nauwi sa panalo vs UST at NU.But today, he contributed big to the tune of 16 rebounds against us. UE is technically a rebuilding team with 10 out of the 15 players who are just having their 1st and 2nd playing years, to be accurate 6 1st year players, and 4 2nd year players.Standing at 6'8, Bertrand Awana could have been a big help for the cause of the Red and White. Raul Dillo, the tallest Filipino basketball player stands 7'3 and was once part of the UE Training pool.

Director Roque explained that during games, foreigners are now being paid more attention than the local athletes.Yes, I know, for the longest time, nasa rebuilding mode tayo.* 5 out of 15 players are 1st year players, that is 33% of the team* 5 out of 15 players are 2nd year players, that is 33% of the team* The 1st and 2nd year players account for the 66% of the team. Bertrand Awana sizzled in his NCAA Division II debut as an LRU Bear with 20 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 blocks.Simply put, 10 of the 15 Red Warriors are newbies!!! The LRU Bears won the exhibition game against the Citadel Bulldogs, 97-83.“If they want it, then we can look for [an import], we can scout,” Roque added.Director Roque pointed out two possible reasons why the Board of Trustees does not want to get any foreign player.“Well, maybe some of the reasons why [they don't want to have imports are] number one, [it is] very expensive to maintain a foreign player and number two, [it is] very stressful to maintain a foreign player, kasi puro pasaway.”Director Roque himself explained that he does not want any more imports for UE but possibly Fil-foreigners.“Well, hindi naman masama magkaroon ng import…” he said.

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