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As elsewhere, its value should be a language tag as defined in 6.1. This element is intended for use only where no other element is available to mark the phrase or words concerned.

TEI P5 customization involves the preparation of an ODD (for ) document which describes changes to the base TEI vocabulary using a specialized vocabulary defined in chapter 22 of TEI P5.

One simple way to move I5 closer to TEI P5 would be to drop these restrictions and use the TEI P5 declarations for these elements unchanged.

Finally, for some elements IDS/XCES declares a content model which extends or modifies the declarations in TEI P5.

There follows a section describing elements added by IDS/XCES, and a driver section which gathers together all the ODD fragments included earlier in the document.

A final section describes some conformance and design issues which may need attention.

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