Dating vintage sewing

If I didn’t have bangs, or this section was much longer, I’d use one or two 1-inch rollers going either backwards or forwards to give my roots more lift… (By the way, it’s using small rollers like this that allowed me to successfully grow out Bettie Page style bangs twice.

I used 4 half-inch rollers and just brushed it into a little curl fluff and called it my 1959 Barbie bangs.) I use two rollers above my ear, rolling to the base of my head (but not so tight it pinches).

If you don’t have bangs to contend with, you’d just be brushing everything out at this point. I take one section at a time starting at the front right (personal preference), and brush from the base of my head down to the end, smoothing the hair in that section with my hand as I go.

It goes kind of like: brush / hand stroke / brush / hand stroke.

I currently have a lot of roots and grays but haven’t gotten a touch up since I might be getting a perm soon, which will strip out some of the dye anyway.That helps prevent a dent from forming and you can’t even feel it when you sleep.I used to do that on every top roller but lately have only bothered with the sides. Here’s a tip: I sometimes like a little wave at the front side of my head on the heavy side of my part, so I tilt the top roller down a bit.If I want more volume in the back or on the light side of my part, I add more.The more rollers you use the longer it takes, naturally, so feel free to use more or less and play around until you get a number that works for you. When it’s still wet I part my hair how I want to set it, then I go about my day or evening until I’m ready to put in my rollers.

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