Dating someone with a promiscuous past

The conclusion of the study was that women with narrower hips “had fewer sexual partners” and that their partners were “within the context of a relationship”.

The study found that women with wider hips (more than 14″ across) had the same amount of committed sex partners compared to women with narrower hips.

This generation is radically rethinking straight sex and marriage, but at what cost?

They experience the pain and danger associated with childbirth and everything that revolves around that.However, wider-hipped women had more one night stands and sexual hookups than the ladies with the narrow hips.If the study is correct, then women with wider hips have lots more fun than the ones with narrow hips.What is more interesting though is that this study makes for a wonderful topic of discussion when you hangout with your friends or when you go out on dates.I’m sure that fun debates will arise from this oddly interesting study.

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