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Just as 2016 happened to be the year of the theme park sim (Planet Coaster, Parkitect, and the ill-fated Roller Coaster Tycoon World), 2018 is shaping to be the year of the dino park sim, what with the previously mentioned Jurassic World Evolution and Prehistoric Kingdom, the recently released (and very Early Access) Mesozoica, and now Parkasaurus. Parkasaurus is anticipated to release in Early Access this spring.

Parkasaurus, frankly, looks like tons of fun, with a distinguishable visual style and a focus on old-school tycoon gameplay. Frostpunk shares a similar survival concept as Atomic Society, albeit this time you’re trying to push back oppressive cold via steam-powered tech.

Create a bustling industrial metropolis on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, competing against the Houses of Titan for supremacy. Yeah, yeah, Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution is on its way this summer, but we’ve covered it pretty well.

Farm Manager 2018 is currently in beta testing and despite a couple of issues one would expect with any management/tycoon sim, word is the game is shaping up nicely.

If your dreams are a tad grander than owning farmland, why not colonize Mars?

Developer Golem Labs anticipates a complete product later this year.

Ever look out your window and think, “That’s nice, but maybe a couple more factories will do,” and want to achieve that dream?

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