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There were no executions between May 2007 and March 2013, although a small number of new death sentences have been handed down. Capital cases are automatically reviewed by the Court of Appeal, and if upheld, are referred to the Court of Cassation, the countrys highest court, before being sent to the Amir for ratification.

Size : Shows the size of the HTML used on your site.The head of the Penal Execution Department, The crimes and sentences were read to them and then led up the steps of the grey painted gallows (pictures here and here) each by two officers wearing black balaclavas and positioned over individual trap doors..He was convicted of shooting and killing his disabled nephew, another member of the ruling family, in 2010 over a dispute.Two Egyptian men who had also been convicted of premeditated murder and a Bangladeshi man who was convicted of abduction and rape came next.It enables them to get a proper appreciation of one another, showing their mutual dependence on, and mutual power over each other.

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