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The reason for late marriage among labourers and the middle class was simple enough: it took a long time for a couple to acquire enough belongings to set up housekeeping, even in a room of their parents' home.

Young love, however romantic, had to be kept in check if the two lovers were to survive in a world where subsistence earnings would not purchase a roof over their heads and put food on the table.

First, a bride’s dress would not be white, which seems strange to us now (Andrea R. “A bride would wear her best gown regardless of color.” (Andrea R.

Britt) The gown would be full length and made form materials like velvet, corduroy, or satin for the noble or wealthy, and flax, wool, or cotton for the general people (William Shakespeare info). Typically the bridegroom wore a doublet, breeches, hose, a box pleated neck ruff, a cod piece, a cloak, and boots (Andrea R.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. There is no sign of any divorces during the Elizabethan times.

In the nobility, it was a major means of increasing capital*; and in the middle class, each partner contributed significantly to the household economy.

They would have to leave service sometimes both of them, sometimes only the woman and often without character references that would help them get another job.

February 17, at 8: This haste probably contributed to a very sharp increase in the divorce rate right after the war.

How else could the family of the husband be sure that the blood line was being continued?

Sometimes, however, marriage was delayed to make sure the bride was fertile.

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