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But, in responding to doubts and criticisms which threatened the sustainability of the aid programs, it is her de-demonization of the non-state actors and her eloquent research on the strengths of the unique self-governance model challenging conventional international practice that is most welcome.

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Mc Connachie acknowledges the challenge of KNU influence and explores the mainly anecdotal evidence put forward to support it.

In her perceptive research, she acknowledges that the self-governing refugee assistance and camp management model happened somewhat by accident.

The most important factor was the Royal Thai Government’s decision not to involve the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the early years and instead to allow non-governmental organizations—principally The Border Consortium (TBC)—to adopt a pragmatic approach, which “in effect …

Yet it might never have happened had UNHCR been invited to lead the relief response at the outset, since its mandate is “entirely non-political” and its primary orientation is towards state governments.

The Thai-Burmese border experience therefore merits careful study for relevance elsewhere.

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