Dating antique emerson fans

I, for one, have always had a hard time remembering the dates that different models were made.Here I have compiled a list of all of the 60 cycle AC brass blade fans that Emerson made from the earliest 1892 "Meston" until the last of the brass blade models, the 2966 models.On several occasions the code is overstamped with the next number.Could this mean the fan was made to be sold one year but didn't get sold (from the factory to the dealer) and was overstamped for the next year? That little number is usually etched into the tag at the time of the tag's manufacture and not stamped other than the overstamped numbers. Put there for warrenty purposes so one could not bring in a fan and claim it was sold last year and still under warranty when the date code indicated the fan was sold 2 or more years ago?The codes always seem to match up well with my understanding of their manufacturing periods, so I have to throw in with Duane here.If the code does prove to be always a date code, I wonder if the serial number position was used as a shop number on some specialty fans?(Those omitted Types turned out to be 133 cycle motors).

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None of my Emerson bulletins mention anything pertaining to this fan dating system.And if your thinking that they need the date code to order parts, why?It's most likely not under warranty if your ordering parts.In the future I'll log what I see, as it will be interesting to see if some numbers appear more than others, or some not at all, assuming the sample becomes large enough to say anything meaningful.I've also been following the 77 series as I'm interested in acquiring an early pre bullet-back 77646 or a nice AO or AS.

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