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All this sounds extremely heavy, but the film explores these themes with a feisty sense of humour, and an air of quirkiness found commonly these days in the films of Wes Anderson. In one scene, Harold finds another potential wife at his home chatting to his mother.

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In a society that generally accept older men falling for younger women, to reverse that trend was extremely daring, especially back in 1971.The homemaker should be aware of such points as these: (1) Does the food have a normal, inviting color? Whether the end product is buttered green peas, angel food cake mix, or fish sticks, the food quality depends on the raw materials.The quality is not improved by processing; most often it is partially destroyed.The nutritional quality of the processed food will depend on the variety of the fruit or vegetable, its maturity, and the freedom from disease and pests before it goes into the container.The actual processing of the food will have an effect: for example, blanching green beans or peas too long leaches out flavor, standing after blanching affects color and texture, too much chlorine in the water changes flavor, and overcooking is undesirable.

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    Walnut and mahogany were prevalent between the years 1700 to 1800, and maple and cherry were common from 1800–1900.

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