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In future posts in this series "Having a Baby in Norway" I will go through procedures, information and experiences in detail.If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below so everyone can benefit from the answers.However, as I had placenta preivia with Lilu I was scheduled more appointments with doctors at the hospital for regluar scans - but my midwife appointments at the clinic remained the same.My point is, the Norwegian Medical System is very practical.

I have found that one of the most important thing to having a baby in Norway, especially if it is your first, is to learn as much as possible about pregnancy and birth.

If you find a cam that works on the resort's site but not on snoweye, or any new cams we haven't yet listed, please do let us know.

Any assistance in the thankless task of keeping the site up to date is always welcome.

I was two weeks away from taking her to the dyno when a motor mount plate ripped out of the rubber bonding. I sold the car to a young man in Illinois and do not know where it is now.

This allowed the drive train to move around enough to pinch the oil drain line on the turbo. Will go through cooling, brake, fuel systems suspension and drivetrain in 2007 since 3997R is 33 years old and owner will be 62. If you have any information on this car please contact me.

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