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If this file exists and you no longer need this update, simply move the file to a temp location and delete it.

The alert should be resolved after completion of the next scheduled processing cycle once this is done.

In sccm 2012 my device collection(all system) is not updating properly.

At a minimum it must be longer than the heartbeat frequency of the clients.

New machines are getting thrown into the default collection, but anytime I try to move them into a user created collection they refuse to move and I just get an hourglass on the bottom right of the destination collection.

I've also tried modifying the rules to make these computers memebers and that refuses to work too. Essentially right now I cannot move any computer to any collection, but the All Systems/All Clients collection are picking up new computers no problems.

I went to google it yesterday and came across the fact there's a new SCCM version (current branch). So I'm doing this and they are not moving and the hourglass appears.I've since added an exception to Trend File scanning for the PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT CONFIGURATION MANAGER\inboxes folder and I've noticed a considerable improvement - I'll post back after a week or so to let you know how it's going.It seems the actual problem here was down to the sheer volume of collections running updates.However, after letting it run for several hours, I've come back to the installation eventually completing more often than not.One of the odd things I've noticed is once I manually uninstall the program via "Programs and Features" and run policy updates, my Software Center still show the program under my "Installed Software" tab.

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