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The gestation period of rabbits is about 28 to 31 days. In some areas, marketing rabbit products is not so easy.So it will be better, if you determine your marketing plan before starting. Through proper care and management, you can make maximum profit form your rabbit farming business. Feed them quality nutritious food, keep their house clean and purchase healthy breeds for starting.Here we are describing the advantages of commercial rabbit farming business and steps for starting. But raising them commercially, can be a great source of income and a smart way of employment.

When woman gets a little older it becomes hard for her to land a man, but thankfully those women blessed with sons do have a man or men who love them very much no matter what.

To fulfill the food demand for growing population, we have to find out different ways of food production.

The rabbit known as “Micro-Livestock” can be a great source of food production.

Their meat is very testy, nutritious and easily digestible for all aged people.

And there are no religious taboo for consuming rabbit meat.

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