Chat room to find submissive women

Al was the last one to come to her bed that afternoon. She also wanted them to enjoy the pleasure of her filthy talk.

Still thinking about all that had happened, Judy’s fingers found her clitty. Ben rested a hand on her thigh and she turned and kissed him.Al spotted her phone on the sideboard and got up to get it for her leaving Judy with the predicament of taking a call from her husband while another man was between her thighs.To his credit he stopped his tonguing of her pussy allowing her to speak.She thought about putting on some underwear but decided against it. Panties were just a hindrance in allowing hands to get at her pussy and breast support was unnecessary in times like these. Judy opened her thighs a little wider so that they could look her.Their hands moved immediately between her thighs and soon their fingers were gently teasing her.

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