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Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. :) I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. Dear Yoong, honestly I knew you much earlier than the other korean actor and actress. words are relatively less seeing your beauty...............: Yoona's new movie's role's name is also Ani ..... you will always have supportive fans like me and others here who are always with you. hope they will remake it but this time longer and the stories of the other characters should have endings too. No need to her acting is 'shit' - like you could do any better. Hwaiting everyone~ After I watched Love Rain, I become a fan of Yoona. Recently there's a news (China web site) reporting that Lee Seung Gi and Jang Guen Suk were fighting because of Yoona. What made PM&I worked was the perfect chemistry between Yoona and Lee Beom Soo, so much so I hardly noticed the age difference (was there any? Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. I fell in love of korean drama because of you aside of 'boys over flower'. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR ACTING CAREER AS WELL AS MEMBER OF GIRLS' GENERATION *_* don't be affected of what saying of others fan of you unnie .. I like her acting though except in the love scenes I ship Yoona, Sooyoung&Yuri for doing great jobs in acting respectively... wow what a great performance you've done in Prime Minister and I... ) it was a joy to watch the entertaining verbal sparring between the 2 leads. Yoona you not only the best dancers but also the best actor .. first of all i want you to know that i am a proud fun of yoona unnie. But, when I seen the first couple of episodes of her new drama, "The Prime Minister and I", I thought that this role was made especially for Yoon A. maybe because she got to be paired up with every actors/idols and their fans tend to get jealous? She does not flirt with them and she even acts like a choding! By the way she did won an award for best popular actress but please be reminded that she also won the best new actress award at the same time (there's a difference between the 2). I sincerely respect and love her for being an idol and an really inspires me to give my best in everything. I just love you and SNSD To all of the people who are saying mean things about Yoon A, you guys need to stop. You have grown tremendously as a actress, especially on Prime Minister & I. And about your voice Don't worry no one is perfect even you can't sing well like taeyond but your Voice so sweet and Cute . and finally I want to tell you that I am ur fan I don't care you has plastic surgery or not ! because they have many likes you and im the one of that yoona i may not weary to support you promise saranghe im yoona,,,,,, was surprised you're not just a pretty face but you could actually act. At least you're cuter than Jang Keun Suk which is a hard fete when you're co-star is a "beautiful" guy. =) Yoona is our favorite actress, singer, dancer, rapper, model, beauty and m.c. I have watched Love Rain and thanks to Yonna I got introduced to Korean Dramas and Girls G, so to Yoona and the girls of Girls Generation a very BIG THANKYOU from some one from the rock and roll years. we are free in expressing are own opinion but not to the extend of being unrespectful. it's not that she is not good in acting but we can say that she is not yet fully grown and beside she is 22y.o much to experience and to learn. Because God forbid people have different opinions on celebrities. I really love Yoon A, i'm waiting for her new drama this year, she is really good in acting.. And i think compared to her previous dramas she already improved. I'm, quite frankly, annoyed that she continues to get so much attention. No, yours is not a simple ''difference of opinion''. The most simple n beautiful lady ever met in my life... yet u might hav many weaknesses, bt ur simplicity, beauty, charm, cuteness n lovely personality hav diminished all of them... Long story short, I have respect for real actors and artists, not for walking mannequins whose fanbase consists of teenyboppers who can't recognize talent if it sneezed on their faces.

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and yoona was at her best acting-wise even notable critics praised her acting.. She is not the best singer in SNSD but she can carry a tune... Adding her on style of dancing she definitely is one of the best. I'm hoping for yoona's success as an actress and an idol... she's one of the most talented young korean stars in her generation!!! i love her in you are my destiny i have watched it twice!!!

I am always proud of you in what ever you are doing now and in the future. You will always be the best for me no matter what you do! Of course that is my opinion and that is not to say she would do better than the actress in the role, but I think she would do a good job. I fell in love with You are my destiny because it proves that a show doesn't need those kissing scenes and love scenes to rate. No matter how many roles she'll play I'll always remember her as saebyuk.

Im wishing for the best of both worlds for her singing and acting career. always here for bless u IM YOONA Yoona caught my attentoon in Love Rain.. She did nothing to you, but I guess you guys are just jealous, huh? I just want you to know that there will be times other people will bash b/c they are jealous that you are on a higher level than their own bias!!

니가 하면 (If You Do) (Stage Ver.) [#1] mori↑gatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.

I dont like knetz internaional netizen say you dont know acting my love .. Why becouse you have a great attitude , humble , close with everbody and more great about you ... She might not be good at the beginning of her acting career but in LR it clearly showed she improved a lot.. Yoon A will always be one of those people who I look up too and btw *Unknown Yoon A did not have plastic surgery and you're obviously the fake one. I love every drama that she been in with her bubby personaility she makes the drama more alive and her smile is AWESOME! I agree - that Yoona's acting is not that very convincing, but I think her dramas are good - funny (Mr President and I). They such a great couple in Love Rain and they also look like real couple. I do not regard k pop star highly for their acting, as it is not their mainstay.

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