Cd dating lingo

Too much muscle on a pretty boy is almost as sinful as putting him in long trousers and allowing the insufferable little bitch to grow hair on his balls before his time!!! "Mind your language or I shall have to teach you to control your tongue" I told him. His use of the F-word and the C-word – the latter in particular, as I only ever use that when I really am livid to describe someone I detest – was surely enough to warrant making him suck the marrow from my bone in due course, although I still felt anxious at the thought of ordering him to; being gay is one thing, being regarded – and probably denounced – as a paedophile (something I'm not) is another! "Use the F-word again lad and I may just show you its other meaning"! Moreover, from my experience of receiving it, a riding crop stings much more than a belt and leaves angrier looking welts! Feeling famished at the thought of tonguing his upper body, I roughly pushed his head down towards the floor in an unsuccessful attempt to drive the hunger pains from inside me and continued to hand-spank him across for a further five minutes.

"You will be sorry lad" I told Mahoney, "I think you need to be taught a lesson, don't you"?! Mahoney didn't say anything but hung his head in shame as I sat on the sofa behind me. I continued to spank the seat of his rags, alternating between each cheek, hard enough for the pain to penetrate through the light denim material and anything he was wearing underneath. The harder I spanked him, the more Mahoney begged me to stop, but I didn't let up. I gently rubbed his baby bubble-butt for a few minutes before raising my hand high above my head and bringing it down with an almighty smack against his bare arse.

"Well, well, well, if it's not Young Mahoney, the boy next door; to what do I owe the pleasure of your company this evening" I said, opening my front door to my pubescent next door neighbour. And take your shoes off, I don't want you trampling mud all over the carpet" I told him.

"Indeed I do Young Man; you had better step inside as we don't want the whole world knowing our business do we?!

In any event I would make sure he would suck me first and then get the hiding of his life with the belt across his fuckable little butt, down his arse-crack and across his butt-hole, and across the back and inside of his thighs, so all his mates would get to see the marks on his legs when he next wore his much-shorter soccer shorts for PE, in the same vein as I was bullied by a sadistic bastard of a prefect when I was his age and still at school.

He will probably play there in future and deprive me of the pleasure of mentally undressing him, particularly when it is warmer than it has been lately, when he has been known to strip down to his waist – to reveal his sexy smooth tits – and occasionally don his sexy short soccer shorts when kicking his ball around rather than the cut-offs he was wearing this evening, outside my flat.

Ever since I first set my eyes on Young Mahoney – when he moved next door to me a couple of years earlier – I had longed to put him over my knee and afford him a guiding hand across his rump; now, at last, it was happening! It is just as well that my own pubescent spankings taught me some degree of self-control as otherwise I would have creamed the inside of my boxers there and then, but it didn't stop me leaking pre-cum as I spanked Mahoney's arse. After about five minutes I did stop and ordered him back onto his feet. "Good" I said, leaving him, to ponder on his misdemeanours.

My only regrets were, firstly, I had never approached Mrs Mahoney to offer to spank her son when he stepped out-of-line in the absence of the boy's natural father when she first moved in the house next door to me, if only so I could have familiarised myself with her son much earlier and followed his physical development through his formative years – the breaking of his voice, the dropping of his balls and first few spurts of pubic hair, etc – and, secondly, I was unable to operate my camcorder at the same time as spanking him as, for all the male-male spanking clips I've watched on-line and the odd male-male spanking DVD I own for my own sexual relief, few unruly boys in those films surpassed Young Mahoney's beauty, and to have had a permanent record of me spanking such an adolescent beauty will surely prove to be invaluable to me in my advancing years. "On your feet" I ordered, when I felt I was about to lose all self-control and ejaculate fully inside my underwear. "What's that pendant round your neck" I snapped at him. Me granddad gave it to me before he passed away", Mahoney told me. It was annoying me like a door flapping in the wind. "Hands behind your head" I snapped as he frantically tried to rub his throbbing rump with both hands to assuage the pain. I stood up too and looked at his cock – it was as rock-hard from rubbing against my lap as mine was from the joy of spanking him. He shuffled forwards, keeping his feet about a yard/metre apart. I walked back into the living room of my flat and sat back down on the sofa but left the door open so I could keep an eye on him.

One can only presume Young Mahoney's pronunciation to be the product of his state school education.

Being a public schoolboy myself, one would never use such lingo as "dunno" in place of "don't know", although I must confess I do find Mahoney's bohemian status and laddish appearance strangely alluring, even though he looks much prettier in his school footie kit (particularly his short tight soccer shorts) earlier in the week which left me with a rousing sensation in my groins!

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